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Structured Cabling Services pride ourselves in our support and service. With a wealth of industry experience and technical knowledge we offer an unrivaled service to meet your organisations needs. For more information you can view our white papers addressing common cabling and infrastructure. You can view them here.

Warranty Statement
As a Certified Installers we are able to offer the full range of product and system warranty programs from Siemon:

  • A one (1) year repair or replace warranty on Tools & Testers
  • Active optical cable assembly product warranty, see: Warranty Statement for Active Optical Cable
  • A five (5) year repair or replace warranty for all other Siemon Products (cabling system connecting hardware) when not installed in a certified Siemon Cabling System®

A twenty (20) year premium Siemon Cabling System® (LightSystemSM, Premium 5e™, System 6™, 10G 6A™, Z-MAX™, TERA™, XGLO®) warranty covering products, performance and applications assurance for cabling systems designed and installed by Siemon Certified Installers in a registered cabling system using Siemon connecting hardware and qualified cable.

The Warranty Statement summarises the warranty available for Siemon Products. As a Certified Siemon Installer (CI), solutions installed by Structured Cabling Services qualify for the 20-year warranty. Should you require full details about the Siemon warranty programme, please contact us.