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Small business

Up to 50 employees
Small businesses typically try to minimise spend on IT infrastructure by opting for the least cost option when considering which cabling solution to install. This means that their selection of installers is rarely based on the quality of advice or components on offer.

Structured Cabling Services will ensure you get an honest assessment of your needs and a quality solution that will satisfy your requirements for years to come. Not only that, but it will be delivered with competitive pricing, ensuring a low cost of ownership over the lifetime of the solution.

– Assessment services
Drawing on years of experience, our engineers will asses your current infrastructure and determine its capabilities. This information, along with discussions about your plans for IT and communications, enables us to develop a personalised strategy for your business. We aim to protect as much of your existing investment while ensuring your infrastructure will not compromise your future business plans.

– Design services
By working with you to develop a clear and detailed understanding of your requirements, we will draw up a solution design incorporating all your business needs.
This design will be standards compliant, ensuring you are able to embrace technologies as your needs change.

– Installation services
The solution design is installed under our strict Quality/Health & Safety procedures ensuring a quality, standards compliant project delivered safely, on time and to budget.