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Robust, high-performance solutions are the absolute minimum for large enterprises which are operating at the forefront of technology and therefore totally dependent on successful IT systems. Structured Cabling Services recognises your need for high-performing solutions, installed and documented to the highest standards, and offer solutions exceeding ISO/IEC Category 7/class F specifications, resulting in performance that goes beyond 10Gb/s. Bandwidth of 1.2 GHz per pair, (twice the Category 7/class F specifications) is the highest of any available copper system.

We use Siemon’s XGLO® fibre system, which is ideal for next generation backbone or fibre-to-the-desk (FTTD) applications. XGLO cable offerings feature premium fibre meeting IEEE 802.3 10 Gigabit Ethernet Standard as well as IEC-60793-2-10 and TIA-492AAAC specifications for laser bandwidth Differential Mode Delay (DMD) specifications. XGLO also uses laser-optimised fibre for superior transmission performance for 1G or 10G Ethernet applications.

– Assessment services
Drawing on years of experience, our engineers will asses your current infrastructure and determine its capabilities. This information, along with discussions about your plans for IT and communications, enables us to develop a personalised strategy for your business. We aim to protect as much of your existing investment while ensuring your infrastructure will not compromise your future business plans.

– Design services
By working with you to develop a clear and detailed understanding of your requirements, we will draw up a solution design incorporating all your business needs. This design will be standards compliant, ensuring you are able to embrace technologies as your needs change.

– Installation services
The solution design is installed under our strict Quality/Health & Safety procedures ensuring a quality, standards compliant project delivered safely, on time and to budget.

– Healthy Data Centres and Comms Rooms
We will ensure that your Data Centres or computer rooms are ‘fit for purpose’. Our objective is to optimise the compatibility between your infrastructure and the equipment housed, be it existing or planned. Our processes will maximise business confidence in the operation of your Data Centres and minimise the risks to availability.
Health Check process covers all relevant issues including energy efficiency and Green Audits, and will:
Assess and recommend improvements to your existing infrastructure and environmental management regime, offering solutions to any power, heating, cabling, security, monitoring, maintenance and servicing issues.
Create a virtual (CFD), 3D model of your Data Centre to enable rigorous testing and ‘what-if’ scenarios for planned moves and upgrades. We use the latest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to test the impact of changes and secure the optimum configuration of your facility before any physical work is done.
Undertake continuous commissioning via a maintenance contract. We can create a ‘dynamic’ virtual/CFD model that can be used to test all ongoing changes, thereby ensuring that the evolution of your facility is carefully managed.
Undertake commissioning on proposed new facilities using a systematic, documented process that ensures that your design and project expectations will match the resultant output of the facility and hardware.
Project manage any Data Centre move-related tasks, the detail of which can be driven by you.
Help you go greener. We understand the need for energy efficiency in Data Centres and server rooms, and offer an affordable, one-day ‘Green Audit’, which will result in an easy-to-understand report which you can use as a starting point to focus on the savings that can achieved through efficiency. Our ‘Health Check’ process covers all relevant issues including energy efficiency and Green Audits.