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Enables a completely new and efficient approach to housing your physical Network and Server equipment. By leveraging the vertical space between bayed cabinets for patching and cable management, the V-POD frees critical horizontal space for active equipment, providing the ultimate density in the minimum floor space. All of the V-POD’s unique features are integrated into a full-featured modular enclosure that is equally effective as a standalone cabinet or in a multi-unit bayed configuration, offering a simple, scalable expansion path in any Data Centre.

The VersaPOD side-by-side bayed cabinet configuration allows any combination of 4 VersaPOD Zero-U Sliding Vertical Patching Panels (VPPs), Vertical Blanking Panels and/or VersaPOD Vertical Patching Channels (VPCs) to be mounted vertically between cabinets (2 in front and 2 in rear) for a wide variety of data center applications.

  • Locking/Removable Side Panels — For stand alone cabinets or end units, side panels can be removed for full side access
  • Perforated Doors — Perforated front and rear doors enable over 71% airflow to ensure optimum hot aisle/cold aisle circulation critical to energy-efficient data center cooling
  • Cable Access — Each V-POD unit has cable access openings in the top panel and a completely open base, enabling maximum air flow and routing of cabling into or out of raised floor or overhead pathway systems
  • Innovative Door Options — Dual hinged front and quad hinged rear doors open from either the left or right and are easily removed. Rear split doors can be hinged open in both directions providing direct access to Vertical Patch Panels and cable management
  • Flexible Mounting Options — CEA-310-E Standard mounting rails are adjustable to fit a wide array of network and storage equipment up to 800mm (32 in.) in depth. Multiple keyhole mounting options and cage nuts further extend the ability to customize the V-POD to user requirements
  • Recessed Corner Posts — Four recessed corner posts provide unimpeded cabling access across the entire front, rear and sides of multiple bayed units
  • Stabilizing Brackets Included — A set of four stabilizing brackets are included with each base cabinet