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Vertical Management

Single-sided RS Channels provide an economic solution for managing large cable bundles between adjacent racks. They feature an open design with six easily configured dual-hinge managers (additional managers available separately) that enable customized management of patch cords. Cable access holes allow cords to be routed between the front and rear of the channel. Mounting holes within the channel accommodate quarter-turn cable managers (p/n RS-CH) and quarter-turn hook and loop cable managers for further customization of cable routing.

The channels are available in both 76mm (3 in.) and 152mm (6 in.) depths for use with standard 76mm (3 in.) racks or 152mm (6 in.) deep cable management racks such as Siemon’s RS-07. Alternately, the 76mm (3 in.) deep channels can be stacked back to back with the deeper cable management racks to optimize management of cables on both sides of the channel.

The Vertical Patching Channel (VPC) sets a new standard for cable management systems by improving appearance, accessibility and cable routing on both the front and rear of the rack. Designed as a stand-alone manager to be mounted between adjacent racks the VPC features a full length, hinged door on the front to conceal patch cord routing. The rear manager is open for ready routing of large bundles of horizontal/backbone cabling. With its easy access design, high capacity and professional appearance, the VPC is ideal for both installers and end users alike.

  • Cable Access Holes allow cables to route easily between the front and rear of the channel
  • Available in standard 152mm (6 in.) version or new high capacity 304mm (12 in.) version
  • With an easy turn of a single knob, the full-length cover hinges in either direction to provide access to the entire vertical channel
  • Mounting holes on side of VPC provides compatibility with common 76mm and 152mm (3 in. and 6 in.) industry racking systems including Siemon’s RS-07 and extended depth RS rack system
  • Optional quarter-turn cable managers can be mounted within vertical channels for additional management such as segregation of application specific cords