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Rack Accessories

A full range of accessories to allow further customization of Siemon racking systems:
RS-CH Box of 10 quarter-turn cable managers.

RS-CNL-MGR Box of 10 channel retainers for use with VPC, RS-CNL and RS-CNL3.

RS-P0xx A range of power strips for rear of rack.

RS-TRAY Rack top cable tray [includes roll of 9 black 457.2mm (18 in.) hook and loop cable managers and 9 quarter-turn mounting clips].

RS-VCM Box of 10 quarter-turn hook and loop cable managers [includes roll of 10 457.2mm (18 in.) hook and loop black cable managers and 10 quarter-turn mounting clips.

SCREW-1224 #12-24 Slotted head screws with washers, black, bag of 100.