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Horizontal Management

Front mount cable managers are designed to eliminate the need for horizontal cable managers when rack spacing is at a premium. For use with single rack mount space (RMS) panels, the managers are mounted on the outside of each patch panel to facilitate horizontal routing of patch cords to the vertical management channels.
Siemon’s new RS series cable managers are designed for use with Siemon’s new vertical patching channel. The hinged cover extends across the vertical channels to fully conceal patch cords into the VPC.

The multi-access horizontal cable managers are designed to provide both front and rear cable management in a compact, 1 RMS space The managers feature high capacity slots for entering and exiting cables, removable covers to conceal patch cords, and an innovative cable retention design to prevent patch cords from falling out when the covers are removed. The rear of the RWM-1 features attachments for using Siemon’s hook and loop cable managers.