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Copper Harness Links

Harness links (panel to plug) are available in all of Siemon’s copper solutions, including 10G 6A™ F/UTP, and category 7A TERA®. These links connect directly to your network switches (plug) therefore presenting the live ports at the patch panel. Using harness links allows your network equipment to be securely housed and eliminates any dame to active equipment during the patch process.

Harness links are constructed as either one or six-leg configurations using the Siemon MAX® outlet and MC plug in lengths up to 20m, enabling fast deployment in cross-connect applications and trouble-free installation.

Terminated with Siemon’s MAX® or TERA outlets, copper trunk cables offer easy, snap-in installation into a variety of patch panels. Utilising individual outlets instead of bulky cassettes and featuring a six-leg, double ended construction with integrated pulling eye, these copper trunks provide a smaller footprint to facilitate easy pulling. They utilise industrial-grade closed-mesh sheathing to protect cable bundles during pulling and feature a “straight cut” design that routes individual cables into position for optimum cable management.

Siemon pre-term assemblies are configured specifically to the customer’s need, allowing permanently-installed cabling in high density environments, e.g. data centres, to be quickly deployed, offering up to 75 per cent faster deployment.