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Data Centre standards recommend 10Gb/s or better cabling systems based on the best practice of selecting systems that provide maximum lifetime. This minimises the disruption and downtime associated with lower-performing cabling and provides lower total cost of ownership for the cabling plant.

The constant advance of network performance requirements such as IP and storage applications are evolving rapidly, consuming bandwidth, driving faster speeds and shortening network application lifecycles. The longer your cabling plant can support these expanding performance requirements, the more cost effective it becomes.

We offer a range of solutions offering 10Gb/s performance and beyond. Pre-terminated wiring looms reduce the material and installation costs, offering the flexibility to accommodate changes within the Data Centre. A prime example of this is the Plug & Play fibre solution, where factory terminated and tested connections guarantee maximum channel throughput with the flexibility to add additional links to be easily added as connectivity needs expand.

Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) gives you complete visibility and control of your entire physical layer network – from your corporate Data Centre to a small branch office halfway around the world – and everything in between. Through the combination of powerful MapIT software and innovative smart connectivity, you can easily monitor every channel in real time, centrally managing even the most widespread network assets. MapIT G2 is Siemon IIM solution system offering truly unparalleled ability to manage a complex network.