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Company History

Formed in March 1996, Structured Cabling Services originally focused on the IBM AS/400 marketplace, offering solutions to address the specific requirements of 5250 connectivity.
However, as end-user requirements changed (with the growth of Local Area Networks) we adapted our product offerings to embrace new technologies.

End users demanded the flexibility to move or change voice and data devices without the need to re-cable, while still supporting application specific devices. To address these needs we focused on the importance of providing top quality cabling solutions, which meant offering high-quality products coupled with meticulous installation standards.

With these two key factors in mind, we selected the Siemon range of cabling products. This gave us the guaranteed flexibility to provide a quality solution, whatever the client requirement.

To ensure every installation is completed to the highest working practices, we also developed a quality policy. With ISO 9001 accreditation enforced on a day-to-day basis, we quickly established an industry-wide reputation for delivering quality solutions at competitive prices.

Some of the milestones we’ve achieved since 1996 include:
1997 – Siemon Certified Installer
Trained and approved to install copper and fibre solutions, Structured Cabling Services could now offer Application Warranties covering parts and labour which guaranteed performance of the solution for up to 20 years.

1998 – ISO 9001
Our Quality Policy was developed in conjunction with QMS to cover specification, design and installation practises, and continues to consistently deliver the highest levels of components and workmanship.

1998 – The first 1000+ Cat 5 outlet project

1999 – The first fibre backbone to exceed 2000m in a continuous run

1999 – The first Cat 6 UTP installation

2004 – The First Cat 6A UTP 10G installation

2006 – The first installation to exceed 5000 outlets in a single project

2007 – The first Cat 7 (Tera) installation